Why UPS Trucks Don’t Turn Left and What Is the “Left Turn” in Your Web Design Agency…

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In 2004, UPS announced a new policy for its drivers: the right way to get to any destination was to avoid left-hand turns. Even if that meant choosing the longer route. When better tracking system emerged in 2001 UPS took a good look at how trucks performed when delivering packages. As a huge logistic company with 96,000 trucks even the smallest optimization in the amount of fuel used, time saved or accidents reduced can prove to be worth millions of dollars. The UPS engineers found that left-handed turns were their biggest efficiency downer. It resulted in long waits in left-hand lanes that wasted time and money, it also led to more accidents. And so, UPS decided to kill off the left turn for the company’s drivers and the results were quite amazing. By 2012 UPS have already saved around 10 million gallons of gas and reduced emissions by the equivalent of taking 5,300 cars off the road for a year.

When I first heard this story two things came to my mind:

I was amazed at how they utilized the data they collected into saving them millions of dollars, and I immediately thought how I could do the same for my web design agency (in a much smaller scale of course). I started to think what was my agency’s “left turn”… what in my agency workflow was taking too much time and energy. What was it that we could cut off of the equation? I went through our work process in my mind. When it came to prototyping, design, and programming I felt like we were super time efficient, it was easy, there were only us in the equation. But what happen when it came to client interaction? there was no doubt in my mind that there was the place we spent too much time and energy. After all, I am a designer and my partner is a developer, we are good with colors and numbers, not humans. So, as soon as I identified that our client managing was our “left turn”, I started thinking what I could do to optimize the process.

Frist of all I Felt we were working really hard in order to keep things in, well, order. Our communication process with our clients included e-mails, WhatsApp messages, screen shots, and phone calls. I was managing the clients and I couldn’t stand the thought of getting another e-mail with a ton of notes and then instead of getting straight to work, I had to start parsing it and figuring out exactly what my client meant. After that, I had to break it down to proper tasks and put it down in our Trello for our programmers. We spent so much time in managing the process that we had no time to do what we love and would actually benefit our clients which are to make their product great.

On top of that, I also felt that our “left turn” was affecting our clients. I felt like they were not getting the best experience we can offer. As I mentioned the communication process was full of friction and that was not a great experience for them. We wanted them to be surprised at how great and easy their experience is in every interaction with our agency. just like when you interact with a really great product. We wanted them to feel so thrilled with their experience that they would just want to share it with their friends, their wife who ever.

So, We went out and started thinking. What would give our clients a truly amazing experience on the one hand and make our life’s easier on the other hand? That’s how we came up with Webscope.

What is Webscope?

Webscope is a communication platform for web developers and agencies and their clients. It enables you to manage all of you client interaction and tasks in one place. It enables your clients to leave feedback on their live website, to watch their website on mobile, tablet and desktop modes and generally, makes communication a breeze. We developed it in a couple of months and started using it with our clients. What can I say? friction went down, we saved so much time on parsing those Emails, everybody was together in the same conversation, and we eliminated screenshots forever. I felt that eliminating our “left turn” mission was a complete success. And that is why we decided to put Webscope out there for other agencies to cure their “left turn”.

Our Vision

In our vision, Webscope will be a platform that will change the way web agencies and web developers communicate with their clients. One complete client dashboard showing your clients the complete process, beginning with the price quote and the contract, through the products references, wireframing, design and of course programming. So you can concentrate on what you do best, without distractions or any left turns…

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