Interview With Alex Devero

Alex Devero is a designer, developer & entrepreneur. He is an advocate of structure, purity

and simplicity both in design and code. He works independently for clients and writes extensively in his blog.

Why did you get into web design and development?

I started in web design because I love technology and design. It was also much easier to learn a lot and get started there.

What are a few of your favorite development tools and why?

My favorite tools for development? Sublime Text 3 for coding (I’m now testing Atom). Photoshop and Illustrator for graphic. LibreOffice for writing. CMD (command line) for git and gulp and everything related to command line. For ftp, my choice is FileZilla. As browser, Chrome (I test on IE11, Edge, Firefox and Firefox dev and Opera). That’s mostly it. I like to use lightweight tools and keep the amount of them to minimum. Lastly, pen and paper for sketching and sometimes thinking about code.

Tell us a bit about your creative process, how do approach a project?

I usually start with getting an overview about the project. I will create a moodboard with intersting examples of design that fit my current project. Then, I create some sketches on paper. After that, I recreate these low-fidelity wireframes in Axure and work on details. Next is Photoshop. Sometimes, I will skip Photoshop and create prototype with HTML, CSS and JS.

What other industry websites do you like to get inspired from?

The biggest inspiration usually comes from Dribbble and Behance. I like to use Panda to get everything in one place.

You run a popular blog and write on medium, how do decide about what to write? Does writing come as easily to you as designing?

here are three ways I brainstorm ideas. The first one is writing about something I want to learn. For example, if I wanted to learn about React,I created tutorial and learned about it on the way. The second way is using Google’s keyword planner and search for often searched keywords relevant to my blog. The third way is listening to people who write me emails and tweets. And, it depends. Sometimes, writing is quite hard and I have to force myself to put down 1.000 words every day. Other times, it goes almost automatically.

What kind of tools do you currently use to communicate with your clients during the developing process?

I mostly use Slack, Gmail and skype. Only in rare occasions I’ on the phone.

Do you prefer to work alone or on a team?

I like both. When you have A players, work is pleasure. Also, when you work alone, it can be quite depressing after some time of being alone.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself as the founder and CEO of the biggest tech company in the world. This is not a joke. 15 years from now, my company will dominate the world.

Except your blog do you have any personal project you have been working on?

I work on tone of stuff. Check my Github and CretiveMarket.

What would you recommend someone who wants to get started in web designing?

I would recommend working on discipline and ego. Web development is in constant change and you have to learning a lot to keep up with the industry. You also have to be willing to admit that you have to learn, a lot. It’s not just development. That’s the easy part. Getting good in design is much harder. It requires hours and hours of daily practice. You need a lot of patience and willingness to constantly push your limits. Comfort zone is not your friend. The same is true for business. You have to sacrifice a lot and people around you will think you are crazy. Get used to it. If you have problems getting out of the bed in the morning, get 9-5 job. This is not for you.



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