How to Get Work as a Freelancer

Get Work as a Freelancer

Probably the hardest thing about getting started as a freelancer is getting those first clients to get you  going as a professional freelancer. As anything in life the beginning can be a bit hard but don’t be discharged, we have all been through it and we are here to give you a couple of great tips that will get those clients knocking on your door!

Make a Great Portfolio

Just because you still haven’t actually did any work for a real client doesn’t mean you can’t make some projects up to showcase your abilities. You can take things you did for school, or even things you made in your last job, the more professional your portfolio will look, preferably set up as a website, the easier it will be for you to get those first few clients to get you rolling on your way to a great freelancing career.

Announce It to the World

You have a lot more power then you think, use all of your social network accounts to announce that you are now free to take on work, get all your friends and family to share your announcement and already you’ll reach a few thousand people that are all potential clients.

Get a listing on Freelancer websites

A great way to start getting some clients is through websites such as and It is true that you might have to play the prices game for starters and get a few low paying gigs but it will give you a lot of confidence that you can handle real clients and get payed for your work.

Build a Partner Network

start making connections with other freelancers whose skills complete your’s. If you are a web designer, try and find some freelance developers, if you are a coder, get in touch with designers and offer them your services. Meeting other freelancers in your area is also a great way to in touch with market and understand how things work, what are the rates and so on.

Go to Meetups

Meetups can be a great way of getting to know new clients, especially as a programmer you have a lot of value for people trying to get their startup/small business up and running. The Startup scene has a lot of meetups and basically almost anyone there could use a good programmer. Check out for some meetups here:

Try a Coworking space

Co working space such as WeWork are great way to meet clients, although they are not cheap, they supply a network effect that is priceless. Get a chair in their open space, go to the happy hour and start networking. If it doesn’t pay off you can cancel your subscription on a monthly basis.

get work as a freelancer

Open Your Mind

New Clients can basically come from anywhere, what’s most important is to keep your mind open and keep meeting with new people, even if don’t see how they can become your clients you can never know what can form it self into an opportunity.

If you have any more ideas of how to get those first new clients feel free to share them in the comments, Good luck!

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