Interview with Arnaud Steckle from Webdesigner Trends

Arnaud Steckle is the owner and editor of  Webdesigner Trends – a very successful blog about everything that’s anything in the web design world. He is also a partner in Izhak web agency.


How did Webdesigner Trends got started?

I started my personal blog: Webdesigner Trends in 2009 when I was studying web design and communication. I was looking for a place, where I can share my thoughts on web design and share cool things I found on the web. I started a small blog based on WordPress, with a handmade custom theme. I quickly raised a little community and  Since then I have never stopped sharing stuff online.

How many people are currently working in Webdesigner Trends?

I’m alone! Webdesigner Trends is my constant side project. I keep it alive as much as I can. It’s a really personal place, where I share content with the French-speaking web design community. I don’t make a living from blogging, My main project is my agency called Izhak (, which I founded with 6 partners in early 2016, in Strasbourg, France.

Beside’s that i’m always looking for more good writers to write great content about web design, if any one is interested.

Why did you get into web design?

I was always a fan of new technologies, website building, innovation etc. In my studies, I learned about communication, web development, design, drawing, UX, and I quickly grew from doing some side projects with my friends. On Webdesigner Trends, I make a monthly roundup of the best websites in the world called “Les incontournables”. I really wanted to get into web design when I saw all the great stuff you can create on the web.


What are your preferred design tools/software?

Maybe some of you guys will think I’m still an old school designer. But I really love using Photoshop for my daily design! It’s not a web design based software, but I have used it for so long that it is really hard to switch. For mobile app design I use Sketch and InVision for simulating interactions.

Do you do any web developing?

I’m not doing a lot of web developing anymore. I used to write a lot of HTML, CSS and PHP in the past. Today I’m more focused on UX, art direction, speaking and teaching.

Tell us a bit about your creative process, how do you decide what content to publish?

For Webdesigner Trends, I create a monthly publication planning. This method forces me to write a variety of posts and to make sure I keep it varied (let’s say put in a photography post to mix it up). Other than that I have a daily routine when I go over big blogs to get resources. When I get a certain amount of stuff I start writing posts. I really try to engage readers as much as possible to create dialogue and offer the best resources and content on the web.

What other industry websites do you like to get inspired from?

I’m a huge fan of Web designer Depot, Design Modo, Line25 From Up North, Codrops, Muzli, and The FWA. Theses websites are some of the biggest references on the web, but you can also find interesting stuff from designers around the world on Medium for example.


What would you say are the current trends in web design?

Web design in 2016 has a lots of trends. For me, the biggest trend outdoor is still the massive use of tiny interaction on a web interface. With those, websites feel like there are alive and like they actually respond to the user. Use it gently and the UX will be sublime!

What kind of tools do you currently use to communicate with your clients and developers?

I massively use Slack to communicate on projects. We use Invision to discuss designs. Besides that, We use Trello for deadlines and day to day work.

What would you recommend someone who wants to get started in web designing?

You are a starter in the web design industry? Read as much of possible (blogs, books etc). Follow some influential people on Twitter such as Tobias Van Schneider and much more ( And the most important thing : make things! Do projects by yourself, collaborate, iterate, speak, experiment and share. A lot. Wish you the best.

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